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Marketing And Sales

Marketing And Sales

Ensure your marketing and sales teams have an arsenal full of tools to help them succeed.  

MailChimpDefinitely something every SME needs, MailChimp lets you build effective email campaigns so people know what you and your message are all about. Streamline the process with automation, keep things personalised and see what is and isn’t working.

Google AnalyticsGain insights into who is visiting your site and where your traffic is coming from, transform them into stronger results, better click-throughs, and get a better understanding of your audience in the process. Pretty much essential if you’re running a business of any kind.

Google TrendsNeed to track consumer search behaviours over time? Google Trends is the go-to tool that lets businesses gauge shifts in interest and demand, letting SMEs capitalise on what’s hot and what’s not there and then.

Headline Analyser (CoSchedule): Make your audience spring into action with headlines, blog post titles, social messages and email subject lines that captivate, convert and drive traffic to your content.

Blog Topic GeneratorAn invaluable content strategy tool, Blog Topic Generator turns words into a week’s worth of relevant blog titles in no time! After that, it’s just a matter of tweaking, but if the well has run dry, this is an essential tool.  

HubSpot Persona Templates: Looking to get some insights into your audience? Customer persona templates are an invaluable way of fine-tuning your message, finding content gaps and addressing issues your customer might be facing. A handy feature of HubSpot’s templates is that they let you create ‘negative personae’ which represent personality traits of customers you want to avoid.

Webmaster Tools: Whether it’s Google’s or Bing’s you use, Webmaster Tools helps you identify issues with your site, from malware infections, search performance, and user experience, streamlining your site to its best for you and your customers.

TweetDeckStay in touch with your social media following with ease by viewing multiple timelines in a simple, straightforward interface. A must-have for interacting with the people and topics that matter to your business.

HubSpot Sales CRMNeed to eliminate time-consuming tasks so you can focus on sales? Stay organised, log sales activity and arrange leads into neat timelines, perfectly nurturing relationships with your customers.


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