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About us

Our Story, Everything you need to know about Yoople

Shawn        Welcome to Yoople! my name is shawn and i am the owner and founder of Yoople.

I first started yoople back in 2009 and was called "add url". Since then we have improved yoople to become a search engine and website directory. over time we have seen a lot of other website directories come and go but we are the only one still standing!


Our free website directory is a high rank and ranks number one on google for the search term Yoople.


I run yoople on my own and do everything from the coding and design of Yoople to the marketing and gaining website traffic through search engine optimistion to yoople.


I do all this in my spare time and try hard to keep Yoople fresh and up to date.


We plan in the future to invest more money in to yoople and plan to grow for many more years to come.

Some people will say to you that website directories are dying but there not, Just because DMOZ  died don't mean that other internet website directories are dying to look at the likes of yell.com and yelp also people use facebook for marketing.

Just like a website directory were you can share links to peoples websites Yoople does the same thing people who land on our home page will come across a search bar like on google.


So people will search for websites maybe even your website!


Yoople is run by one person me Shawn. I try my best to make sure that the websites I accept on to yoople are of a high quilty and not poor spammy websites.


Directories are very useful for people wanting to find certain things.


All our websites are sorted into categories and subcategories. If there is anything at all we can help you with let us know we are here to help grow your website and help gain you back links which will help improve your search engine rank on the likes of google, yahoo and bing.


Thank you for reading please give us a like on our facebook page -  Yoople on facebook