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  • shawn (link)
  • On 11/02/2019

Thank you !

  • goran pesic (link)
  • On 10/02/2019

Yoople is amazing

  • Conor Froster (link)
  • On 09/02/2019

Thank you for creating this platform. Amazing!

  • mark
  • On 25/01/2019

Yoople is a great business directory it gives users the chance to submit their business online and helped my business grow to rank higher on google! I highly recommend you add your business website! Thanks

  • Yoople
  • On 27/09/2018

Thank you Mary Maria i have worked hard to build the yoople directory and plan to grow for many more years to come :)

  • Mary Maria (link)
  • On 27/09/2018

Your website is great. You did a fantastic job building this directory which helps small businesses to grow their online visibility.

  • Thomas (link)
  • On 16/08/2018

Hi i think yoople is amazing! Great work! Keep it up!

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