Anthony Joshua Shows His Class By Congratulating Alexander Povetkin After Fight

Last night Anthony Joshua knocked out Alexander Povetkin in the seventh round to retain his heavyweight titles.

Anthony Joshua Shows His Class By Congratulating Alexander Povetkin After Fight

After the fight, Joshua showed off his trademark humility by heading over to Povetkin to shake his hand, giving him a hug and wishing him all the best for the future. "You're very consistent... and I want to come to Russia," he said. Before adding: "God bless you."

Povetkin responded to tell Joshua he would be welcome in his home country anytime. Nice these two, aren't they?

Fans heaped praise on the boxer for his good sportsmanship with one writing: "People don't love AJ cause he's the champion, people love him because he loves the people. Humble and respectable, AJ will be remembered as a great man. Congratulations champ you've done everyone proud."

Another added: "True role models and how genuine gentlemen of the sport should be. Stay humble, respect each other and leave no room for malice or hatred. Hug and make up and move on to the next chapter."

A third wrote: "Great fight. I wish more boxers showed your level of respect and chivalry towards your opponents. It shouldn't be about the insults and disrespect, it should be about a display of skill in the ring of which you display by the bucket-load."


However, whatever you do, if you meet Joshua, don't tell him he's too nice - as one journalist found out in 2016.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

When Lee Price from the Sun asked Joshua if he was 'too nice' to be a boxer, he replied: "You're in my domain now. You're in the lion's den with me.

"You're seriously lucky I've got these gloves on because they're fucking me off, these questions about 'am I too nice'.

"Ask me that question again if you think I'm too nice. You think I'm messing about, ask me that again."

As if that's not scary enough, Joshua then ordered Price to get out the ring, prompting the terrified journo to say: "I don't know what to do. I feel a bit like crying."

Fortunately for Price (and probably his underpants) Joshua then began laughing, before grabbing Price in a friendly headlock.