A 'Breaking Bad' Film Is Not What Fans Want Right Now

Everyone's always pretty psyched whenever anything to do with Breaking Bad hits the headlines: the cast reunite for ten-year anniversary? Buzzing. A Breaking Bad-themed bar is rumoured to be coming to Manchester? Even better. And don't even get us started on Aaron Paul dressing his baby daughter up as Heisenberg, please.

A 'Breaking Bad' Film Is Not What Fans Want Right Now

It's pretty obvious that fans just can't get enough of the franchise, which probably explains why the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, has confirmed that a movie is in the works.

But this hasn't quite had the reaction we were anticipating - many fans have said there's simply no need to make a film from the successful series.

Breaking Bad already has a companion series in the form of Better Call Saul which brings to life the more interesting characters, casting light on their lives outside the arc of the original show, and it seems people think that a film on top of this would just be overkill.

Taking to social media, one fan said: "As much as I loved Breaking Bad, there's no need for a movie to be made, it ended so perfectly well!"

Another added: "Why why why? The series was amazing, please don't ruin it with an unnecessary film."

Someone else suggested: "They need to be careful with this. A film about Jesse living a normal life is something that I would like to see, that could work.

"Maybe he could go back to some of the places where everything happened and it would be like a nice throwback for the audience, that's what would work.

"But if they're gonna try and say Heisenberg is still alive or something like that, as exciting as that is, don't do it, cause it ended beautifully, don't step on that storyline too much."

New Breaking Bad Movie Has Been Confirmed. Credit: Sony Pictures Television
New Breaking Bad Movie Has Been Confirmed. Credit: Sony Pictures Television

Others have faith in the show's creator regardless, with one explaining: "It's Vince Gilligan, he wouldn't ruin it. Better Call Saul has people complaining that it's slow, but there are so many things that's got me hooked on it.

"And as a huge fan, I have to know how Better Call Saul will tie itself into the beginning of Breaking Bad."

Another agreed saying: "Glad it's in Vince Gilligan's hands! Only he knows the trick!"

The Alburquerque Journal reported the movie was set to start filming in the city - which has become a huge draw for tourists thanks to the success of the show - in mid-November through to early February 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television


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