Morrisons Uses Scorpion Chillies To Create Its Hottest Ever Curry With Eight Chilli Rating

We all love to think we can handle the heat, dousing everything in sriracha or hot sauce to prove how much we love a bit of spice in our lives - even if it means having to do a little silent cry to ourselves when no one's looking.

Morrisons Uses Scorpion Chillies To Create Its Hottest Ever Curry With Eight Chilli Rating

But the ultimate way to show how comfortable we are with our chilli comes when Saturday night rolls around, and we're getting the curry in. Ohhhhh, yes. I mean, if anyone even contemplates ordering a korma, you know you have to just bin them as a friend; you don't need that negativity in your life.


That's when you should reach for the vindaloo, right? Well, no, according to one Morrisons customer called Paul McCourt, who claimed that the supermarket's vindaloo wasn't hot enough... which led to the launch of a newer, even hotter curry. Paul, what have you done?!

Credit: Morrisons
Credit: Morrisons

In an email to Morrisons, Paul - who hails from Runcorn - said: "Although this particular dish is very hot for the average consumer, I have found that this product, although very tasty, isn't hot enough by any standards for the chilli connoisseur!! I've bought this dish a few times and found it lacking in enough heat.

"Please introduce a much hotter version e.g. Super Volcanic Vindaloo with Caroline Reaper chillies that will challenge the most 'seasoned' chilli heads like myself."

Paul asked, and now Paul has received, as Morrions launches the Flaming Fiery Phaal, providing the next level up for maniacs who don't find the Volcanic Vindaloo hot enough.


Packed with Scorpion chillis - which top the Scoville heat scale - as well as Naga and green chillis, the curry comes with an eight-chilli heat rating, apparently making it the hottest supermarket curry ever. Ouch.


That's all well and good, but what did Paul think? That's the important question.

Paul said: "I was surprised to hear back from Morrisons. You don't expect a complaint like this to be listened to. I'm a big spice fan and always enjoy a challenge, however the Volcanic Vindaloo wasn't hot enough for me. Although I've been made to eat my words after tasting the Flaming Fiery Phaal!"

Vimal Dhananjayan, who developed the Morrisons curry, said: "We love to hear back from customers and were happy to take on Paul's challenge. The difficulty when making a phaal is to make sure it's got as much flavour as it has heat. But we think we've pulled it off and we're really glad Paul approves."

The super hot curry will be in stores nationwide for Curry Week from 8 October, costing £2.

Good luck, spice fans.

Featured Image Credit: Morrisons