Will Smith Bungee Jumps From Helicopter Over Grand Canyon To Celebrate 50th Birthday

Believe it or not our very own Fresh Prince of Bell Air turned 50 yesterday - cue the 'doesn't that make you feel old?' comments, although, to be fair, doesn't that make you feel old?

Will Smith Bungee Jumps From Helicopter Over Grand Canyon To Celebrate 50th Birthday

Anyway, being Will Smith, he didn't fancy a trip to a nice restaurant or a chilled one with his family. Nope, he decided to celebrate his half century by jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon.


Smith shared the experience on his YouTube channel, describing it as 'spectacular' and saying he 'would definitely do it again'.

Wife Jada Pinkett Smith and his kids Trey, Jaden and Willow came along to show their support, as did Carlton (AKA Alfonso Riberiro), which is pretty cool.

He posted a photo of his family on Instagram shortly before his jump, writing: "My Squad holding me down for my big 5-0."


Credit: Instagram/Will Smith


According to Variety, Smith was dared to take on the challenge by YouTube group Yes Theory to help raise awareness of education campaigns run by Global Citizen.

In the slightly terrifying footage, Smith can be seen being carried into the air, before standing on the side of the helicopter. After a countdown from five, he leaps backwards with his arms' outstretched.

Smith: "Nothing. Nothing will ever be scarier than that. It goes from complete, absolute terror to the most magnificent bliss you've ever felt in your life.

"And I don't know what it is, when the cord works - first of all, you happy the cord worked, right. Then it's like the whole Grand Canyon is mine.

"I'm just kinda hanging there and the choppers far away - you're not really hearing it - it's like just bliss and it's like nobody will ever have that view. It's like me and the Grand Canyon, it's like that combination. It's almost like you need terror to experience the bliss."

He added: "You have to commit.

"Life is hard, you might get hurt, your heart might get broken, you might lose your job, but you've still got to commit."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube