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It u2019s time for small businesses to get serious about brexit

It’s time for small businesses to get serious about Brexit

Worth Capital’s Matt Cushen urges you to start thinking seriously about how Brexit will impact your small business. The clock is ticking...

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Funding growth

The focus of The Start-Up Series has been on the earliest stage businesses – ready for their first or very early equity funding. The type of funding supported by the government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

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Setting up your first online store

Online stores are always open, they don’t need staff, and they can attract shoppers from the other side of town – or the planet. Get the ins and outs of setting up an online shop from The Bottom Line, an accounting firm that specialises in serving online businesses.

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Wordpress for small businesses

The business guide to WordPress

If you operate a business and don’t have a website yet, you should consider setting up one.

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Facebook guide small business

Grow your business on Facebook

Your business may have a solid marketing strategy, but are you an effective Facebook marketer?

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Youtube guide

The small business guide to YouTube

YouTube enables you to publish videos online, share them with your customers and analyse the results.

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Hiring first employee

Hiring your first employee: a video guide

Becoming an employer is a landmark moment in the life of any small business. It’s an important step on the road to success – but you need to be prepared.

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How to Grow Your Local Business without Spending a Fortune

When business and budget is tight, it can be very easy to dismiss the idea of spending money on marketing. However, not all effective marketing has to be expensive; even some of the lowest-cost techniques can gain a huge return on investment.

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