Woman Finds ‘Exceptionally Rare' Venomous Two-Headed Snake In Her Garden

A US woman found an 'exceptionally rare' venomous, two-headed snake while doing a bit of gardening.

Woman Finds ‘Exceptionally Rare' Venomous Two-Headed Snake In Her Garden

Stephanie Myers, from Northern Virginia, was out in her garden last week when she came across the copperhead snake.


Rather than screaming and running a mile, like many of us would have done, quick-thinking Stephanie managed to safely capture the snake and then took some snaps of it, which she posted to Virginia Wildlife Management and Control's Facebook page, asking: "What are the odds to find a two-headed snake?"

And the odds were pretty damn high, according to experts.

The post about the snake quickly came to the attention of herpetologist John D Kleopfer, who wrote that in the 'wild bicephalic snakes are exceptionally rare', before adding that they often died at a young age, because of the 'challenges' of living with two heads.

However, he is now hopeful that the snake, which is currently being cared for by an experienced reptile-keeper, will go to live in a zoo where it can get the attention it needs to survive.


He told USA Today that the snake was young, probably around two weeks old, and that the 'little guy' wasn't much of a threat to humans.