Titanic II Set To Launch In 2022 Sailing The Same Route As The Original

You might get ideas of a certain James Cameron movie getting a sequel if you hear the words 'Titanic II' - but in this case it's actually the name of a brand new ship that's due to launch in 2022.

Titanic II Set To Launch In 2022 Sailing The Same Route As The Original

The Olympia-class ocean liner, which is owned by the Australian company Blue Star Line, will not only be making is maiden voyage 110 years after the original Titanic did, but will also sail the same route as the infamous ship.


Credit: Blue Star Line
Credit: Blue Star Line

Titanic II is designed to pay homage to the original Titanic as much as possible, with the internal and external appearance set to be as similar as possible.

But we are in 2018 now, so the new Titanic II has got some modern updates to abide by today's health and safety regulations. For instance, the original wood panel doors now conform to modern fire regulations and third class isn't going to quite the same as it was in 1912 - thankfully.

The ship is expected to be able to carry over 2,000 passengers and 900 crew members - all probably hoping to make it to New York in one, not completely frozen, piece, after setting off from Southampton.

Credit: Blue Star Line
Credit: Blue Star Line


Obviously, the skeptics among us will all have the same thought 'what if it sinks?' - well, it's very unlikely the Titanic II will suffer the same fate as its predecessor, as along with being able to boast a modern take on the original it'll also have up-to-date safety features and navigation technology.

This project has been huge and years in the making. Back in 2013 the company first announced its intention to build the ship, and they say launch could be as soon as 2022 - but the exact date hasn't yet been confirmed.

The project has received some criticism in the past, deemed by some as 'insensitive' to the memory of those lost in the 1912 tragedy.

Following colliding with an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912, the original Titanic split in half and sank, claiming the lives of more than 1,500 people.

Even though the Titanic was registered in Liverpool, this may not be the case for the Titanic II. Blue Star Line chairman Clive Palmer announced in a statement that the company had decided to establish its headquarters in Paris, France.

This is in light of Brext and the 'likelihood' there would be no agreement between the UK and the EU.

He said: "It is of little use having a European headquarters outside Europe. The decision will mean we won't open our European office until March 2019, with Paris being ideally placed to suit the company's needs."

Okay, so where do we sign up?

Featured Image Credit: Titanic