Survey Finds That Northerners Are Funnier Than Southerners

A recent poll has confirmed what us northerners have known for some time - we are funnier than our friends in the south.

Survey Finds That Northerners Are Funnier Than Southerners

Yup, a recent survey carried out by Comedy Central Live, gathered the opinions of 1,500 British people - half from the north and half from the south - and a whopping 74 percent agreed that Northerners are funnier.


The funniest city was Liverpool, picking up 23 percent of the vote, closely followed by Newcastle with 14 percent. London came in third with 12 percent - well, you've got to have a sense of humour when you're paying six quid for a pint, haven't you?


However, on the other end of the spectrum, Brighton fared less well with only two percent and Belfast, Bristol and Birmingham all had just three percent.

Elsewhere, Glasgow was voted as the being home to the dirtiest jokers, which I'm sure Frankie Boyle would be pleased with, and Londoners polled top for most sarcastic. Well done, guys.

The poll also found that on average British people laugh out loud 11 times a day, which seems a bit low for me, but then I am from Liverpool, so maybe I'm spoilt.

And 17 percent of people confessed that nobody ever laughed at their jokes... Presumably those people were from Brighton, Belfast, Bristol and Birmingham.

Earlier this year, the BBC caused all sorts of trouble when it tweeted out a picture of the British Isles with a line drawn showing the north/south divide, because...well, it looked like this:

Angry Mancunians and pissed-off folk from Sheffield responded in their droves to say they were definitely not southerners.

However, according to Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones of Newcastle University, who drew up the line, the split is all to do with easy accessibility to transport.

He said: "The most pertinent question is where does London end? My map is a northern area defined as being 'not London', where London's sphere of influence extends over most of the country - determined by two-hour commuting patterns to London which is becoming the norm."

Which might have you fuming, if you've suddenly just discovered you're a northerner or southerner according to Professor Mark, but the actual split has no official definition - so we can argue over this forever. Brilliant.

Featured Image Credit: PA