Royal Mail Tells Protesters To Stop Putting Walkers Crisp Packets In Post

Now then, we're all for getting rid of plastic, in fact we're that passionate about it, we've got an entire campaign dedicated to tackling the issue at hand.

Royal Mail Tells Protesters To Stop Putting Walkers Crisp Packets In Post

But not everyone is as up for the fight and protesters aren't happy. So much so that they're now being told off for putting empty Walkers crisp packets in the post without an envelope because they won't go through Royal Mail's machinery.


We suppose there are worse things people have put in the post in the past, but still.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Environmental campaigners decided to deal with the problem by sending their crisp packets back to the PepsiCo brand as a form of protest because they aren't recyclable at present - and won't be for another seven years.

According to the Mirror, customers have been told to 'flood Walkers social media with pictures of us popping them in the post', along with the hashtag #PacketinWalkers. Thoughtful hashtag, we like it.

Now, as a customer, it's easy to pop your empty bag into the post box, using it as though it's some sort of tall, bright red bin almost.


Well, post boxes have feelings and so do the Royal Mail staff who have the time-consuming task of sorting the packets out by hand.

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Seriously though, the plastic Walkers bags can't go through machines if they're not in an envelope.

But the delivery company revealed that it has handled about 30 packets so far. Thirty? Only 30? Anyone else envisioned RM staff swamped under a mountain of a million green packets (because I like to think everyone's favourite is salt and vinegar, just like me).

A spokeswoman for Royal Mail told the Mirror: "If an item is addressed properly and carries the correct postage then Royal Mail is obliged by law to handle and deliver the item to the stated address.

"We strongly encourage customers not to post anything into the postal system which is not properly packaged. And if they are talking part in this campaign we would urge them to put crisp packets in an envelope before posting.

"Customers can obtain advice from any Post Office branch on packaging and restrictions. Anyone posting items which are not properly packaged could find they are delayed or taken out of the postal system."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Walkers have pledged to make all of its packaging 100 per cent recyclable by 2025 but people are urging them to try and bring that date forward.

The Leicester-based multinational company produces 11 million bags of crisps a day all over the world and by 2025, 28 billion will have been added to landfill, the Mirror reported.

Walkers has said of the campaign: "We have received returned packets and recognise the efforts to bring [this] to our attention."

It seems like Walkers need to get a rocket up their arse, campaigners need to invest in some envelopes and Royal Mail need to chill out about sorting 30 plastic crisp packets...

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