Police Officers Help Grieving OAP Who Was Left Without TV After Wife Died

Police offers in Birmingham rallied recently to help an OAP who was left with an empty home after his wife passed away.

Police Officers Help Grieving OAP Who Was Left Without TV After Wife Died

When neighbourhood officers WPC Rogers and PC Greaves spotted that the grieving pensioner was without several key items, including a TV, they worked together and used their contacts to refurnish his home.


Ladywood Police tweeted about the kind act, saying that the two officers had 'delivered and set up items for them elderly gentleman', and that he was 'extremely grateful for the kindness'.

Unsurprisingly, they also said it was a 'tearful moment'. Man, I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

In another tweet they explained that Rogers and Greaves had enlisted the help of Trident Reach, a charity based in Hagley Road that provided the money to buy a replacement TV.


"He lost his wife recently and her family have gone and taken her items leaving him with an empty home," the tweet explained.

In the photos, you can also see the officers installing the TV and showing him how to use it. In one, you can also see one of the officers holding the elderly man's hand.

One person commented: "That's so sad glad you were able to get him the help he needed."

Writing the hashtag #notallheroeswearcapes, another said: "Aww well done for helping out this poor chap."

Someone else wrote: "It's so great and refreshing to see this. You guys do an amazing job and from having family in the police I know how hard you guys work."

Others referred to it as 'a lovely thing to do', a 'top effort' and a 'brilliant example of community policing'.

Top work all round, we say. Bravo!

Featured Image Credit: Ladywood Police/West Midlands Police