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Three fundamental factors in the production of link-building content

One of the most overused phrases in content marketing is how it is an ever-changing landscape, forcing agencies and marketers to adapt and improve their existing processes.

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Google Ads 2019: What to look out for

2018 was an eventful year for Google Ads. We saw a number of big changes and improvements including.

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Marketers can now view Shopping Campaigns in Bing Ads search terms reporting

The updated reporting grid also includes an Added/Excluded keywords column.

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Real wage growth climbs to two-year high

Official figures show a robust UK labour market despite gloom surrounding the manufacturing industry and the high street.

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Facebook is a 'digital gangster': Fake news report published

A committee publishes its findings after an 18-month investigation into fake news and accuses Facebook of obstructing its inquiry.

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5 easy-to-miss SEO mistakes blogs make

Is your content great, but not ranking? Columnist Kristopher Jones shares some of the more common SEO errors bloggers and content marketers make.

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How to prioritize SEO tasks by impact

How do you know if the SEO and content changes you're making will benefit your site? Contributor Casie Gillette looks at ways to prioritize resources so they impact your bottom line and support your business objectives.

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Facebook facing record fine from US regulator over privacy conduct - report

The social media giant and US Federal Trade Commission are yet to settle on an amount - but it could reach billions of dollars.

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Brexit: Ford 'steps up preparations to move production abroad'

The car maker reiterated it would take "whatever action is necessary" to help keep its European operations competitive.

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Why one marketer thinks smart speakers have their work cut out for them

Voice technology and voice search have, arguably, been adopted faster than any other technology in history. Analyst estimates on smart speaker penetration in the U.S. range from 40 to almost 80 million devices by the end of this year.

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