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  • Orthodox Synagogues in Las Vegas

    Bet Yossef Community Center is a state-of-the-art orthodox synagogue in Las Vegas, with the highest quality recreational, educational and arts facilities.
  • Online Spiritual Magazine

    Visit - India's best online platform to read articles and blogs on spirituality, happiness, and well-being.
  • Modern Mystery School EU

    The Modern Mystery School is an association of Light Workers, working in the hermetic lineage of King Salomon to bring knowledge and spiritual empowerment to the world! Through their courses and classes, the Modern Mystery School reveals the hidden knowledge of the world that has been passed down from master to apprentice for 3000 years, and fully awaken and empower you to live your ideal life. With the Modern Mystery School, you will learn about the 12 magickal races who share this Earth with us; about the secrets of the healing arts; and awakening your inner light and achieving unity with the elements to truly ascend and embrace your inner divinity. For more information, contact them today!
  • Crystal Bed

    you can relax your ming as well as your bdy with a simple Crystal Bed therapy session provided by
  • Christmas Countdown

    Christmas Countdown, How many days until Christmas, countdown to Christmas with us!
  • Amil Qamar Shah Qazmi

    Black Magic is a disease that is on the rise and many people dont know that they have it because it comes in many different forms such as diseases. The following are some of the things that can be done with black magic. (note, for the medical illness, it could be black magic or just a disease, so do both, go to doctor and do ruqya as well) 1. seperation between husband and wife. with this he can break a home and destroy somebody’s married happy life. 2. Wife hating her husband upon seeing his face. in this type of magic, when a wife looks at her husband she feels angry and thus they both live a miserable life. 3. having a headache all the time. this too is a sign of magic and the victim feels pain in the head all the time. 4. having throat infection all the time. one feels pain and cant speak, the voice seems to have stopped in the throat. 5. difficulty in breathing. it is a type of sifly magic. one cant breath easily. he feels suffocation. 6. making someone deaf. he cant hear things. and he feels pain in his ears. 7. women get periods before the proper time and she cant get close to her husband. this too is done through magic. 8. pain in the entire body. there is pain in the whole body and sometimes its too much in both the legs or in the backbone. one feels its weakness but its magic. 9. making someone blind. a magician can make one blind with magic and his sight is lost. 10. pain in the teeth and decay in the teeth and blood from the teeth. this too is done with magic. 11. making the heart beat faster than it should be. the heart beat is made faster with magic. one feels its some disease but its not. 12. one remains sick all the time. having fever. and remains weak. 13. head spinning. it too is done through magic. one is made dizzy. 14. one loses his memory. he cant remember anything for long. 15. the brain does not work properly. one wants to do one thing and something else is done. his brain does not work properly. 16. one does not feel like doing anything. his heart wants to run away from things. he does not take interest in his work. 17. making astray. someone is made astray and derailed. 18. making one habitual of smoking cigerette and hash. 19. making one habitual of drinking. 20. making one long for having sex. or making one enter into prostitution. 21. making one hate religion, and the holy book and the creator. 22. making one dreamless. 23. making a woman a prostitute. 24. giving stomach aches. 25. giving acidity and pain in the chest. 26. creating problem in the liver. Liver is an important organ in the human body, so some people when they want to destroy someone will cast spells on that victim to harm his liver. 27. The wife sees the husband’s face as swine or a dog, he appears to her as a swine or a dog. This too is done with the help of magic to create problems in someone’s life. 28. Making a man gay. A man cannot get physically involved with anyone when this spell is cast upon him because he becomes useless. 29. Magic using voodoo dolls. This too is a very harmful form of magic. And the victims doll is made and pins are stick into it and the spell is cast upon it. 30. Children weaken and die. In this type of magic, the child becomes severly weak and then his condition deteriorates day by day and then eventually dies. 31. A woman loses her child during pregnancy. The child is killed inside the womb befor he is born. This too can be done using black magic. 32. Making the cattle sick using magic. Magic on animals. 33. The animals don’t give milk and remain sick. This too is done using black magic. 34. Men start hating women. A husband is made to hate his wife. 35. Girls don’t get proposals anymore. In this type of magic, the girl that this magic is cast upon, does not get any proposals for marriage. 36. Pain in the bones and joints. Arthritis. 37. a woman is made to hate men and she does not feel like getting close to them, as in sex with her husband, she does not like it. 38. Making the face look ugly. A woman is made to look ugly and people think she looks like a whitch. 39. Making a woman infertile. In this magic a woman is made infertile and she cant have any children. 40. Making the rizq/earnings less. A person is financially made weak. 41. Destroying someone’s home. Disturbing the peace of somebody’s home and leaving it all destroyed and messed up. 42. making someone suffer from an incurable disease. 43. disgracing a woman in her husband’s eyes. 44. Making a husband suspect his wife. This creates problems in their life. 45. Snatching someone’s job or disgracing him and lowering his position. 46. Getting a woman divorced. 47. Making the rich into poor. A rich person’s riches are taken away with black magic. 48. making someone live in exile. 49. Making someone full of anger. With this magic a person remains angry all the time. 50. women feel pain in ribs and chest. 51. OKDAM zikar, it is that type of magic which when going to someone’s home for a proposal, it is cast upon them and the girl’s family then keep talking about the boy’s family for months. 52. making someone fall in love. 53. putting fear of the unknown in someone’s heart. 54.Khamol magic. Making someone weak and lazy. That he doesn’t feel like doing anything. 55. MIRGI fits. Epilepsy. A person is made to suffer Epilepsy. 56. magic with which a person is made to suffer LAQWA. Bell’s palsy. 57. Seher AL MAFLOJ, paralysis. A person is made paralyzed, either in some parts of the body or all over. 58. Seher Kabos. One feels sleepy all the time. 59. head spinning and feeling dizzy and blackout in front of the eyes. 60. Stopping nikkah for someone. Bandish of nikkah. It is cast right at the time of nikkah. 61. Surat anzal. A man is faced with this problem and he does not get cured. 62. Periods are stopped, menopause even before its time. 63. Magic of insanity. A person is made completely insane. He does not remain in his senses. 64. masan is that type of magic which is cast upon kids. In this type of magic, the ash left from the burnt hindu dead bodies is put in some food for kids to eat.
  • Tarot On line

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